Home Design Trends We Are Happy To See Go


From the 1950’s-1980’s, here are some home design trends happy to see go. Recently,  I came across an old 1950’s bathroom all in pink…yes pink!  This got me thinking of other design trends we are happy to never return.  EVER.



Carpet in the bathroom.  Do you remember this?  It  actually was a trend in the 1970’s, why? Not entirely sure. If you are like me wet carpet on your feet is just plain….disgusting. Carpet in the bathroom with an area rug on top? As if one carpet wasn’t enough.



Speaking of the 1970’s… Orange Shag. Yup! The bright orange shag that I am sure you have seen in your grandmothers house or your own home. If you have never had the privilege to step foot on this shag, you’re pretty lucky.



Panels. We do have our new trending area walls of shiplap and wall paper… but paneling? No thanks. This product darkened the room and had a flimsy look to it.



1980’s floral. When I see this I think of Holly Hobbie. So much going on here. Let’s stick with cleaner lines and one color scheme.



Now not all 50’s-80’s decor was bad, some have had a come back in 2018. I’ll save those designs for my next blog. Feel free to add your comments of any décor you remember that were a big hit then, not so much now. What are you happy to see go?